March 20th, 2017

Well I’m 90% sure I didn’t get the job I was hoping for which is okay. My love says I don’t have to work he makes enough for the both of us, but I want to work. I want to contribute. He doesn’t understand, I don’t think. I need to work. I need to do more than keep house. 

Don’t get me wrong I love cooking and cleaning and all that 1950s housewife shit. I do. But I’ve been supporting myself since I was 18 it’s hard going from that to letting him pay for everything. One of the few fights we get in is over money and it’s because he won’t let me pay for anything. He hates when  I buy him a pack of cigarettes for crying out loud. 

But I digress. Maybe I’ll start selling Avon or pampered chef or something. That way we’ll both get what we want. I’ll have something of a job and he’ll have me home. But I don’t know.  Those always seemed like too much work for too little compensation. 

If anyone is reading this, what do you suggest?